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Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam the former President of India the Missile man of our nation left us on 27th July 2015 in Shillong while delivering a lecture. May his soul rest in peace. Idols like Dr. Abdul Kalam Sahab never dies they live hearts of billions of people always and forever.

Dr. Abdul Kalam ji was one of the most intellectual person India has seen was a great scientist & a wonderful politician. His work on missile like Agni and India's nuclear project is a blessing to our country. He was a powerful man by position but a common man at heart.

He used to participate in various conferences and conclave at his term in office and during one such event in Chandigarh in 2003 where he was in front of 900 school students who were firing question on him in response to one such question he put forth his view on necessity of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India.

He proclaimed that in a country like India having diverse population with numerous religious believes and dense tropical geography it becomes utmost necessity for country to have uniform laws across it territory to govern its people. He ascertained that making UCC binding will be a major step on the ladder of making a India a developed nation.

It would not only bring equality in society but will also benefit suppressed class like girls and women in fields on education and employment. Will create opportunities for young individuals for work and will help in decreasing discrimination in society. Will break prejudice against various class and creeds.

It will boost morale of citizens and will reduce crime rate. He believed in studies which proved that developed countries are successful because of small enterprises. So, uniformity in law and order will encourage the youth to become self-employed and will also help in creating employment opportunities.

It will not be illicit to say that Dr. Abdul Kalam ji was a far sited and visionary person. His words and work are a great contribution to our society. He has left a legacy behind him which helps in youth empowerment. Even after such great efforts by him and others like him the youth of our nation is still wasting it's talent and draining it power to make a difference.

It is time that you, I and all those youths in India should walk the path guided by him towards making India developed and a better place to live without fear and agony. Lets honour his hard work a man who made even his last breath count.

He is an idol for us and LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM remembers him on his 5th Death Anniversary.

Author- Shivangi Jain

Editing Board Member


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