About Path Lexis
Path Lexis is a Youth Organization Specializing in Organizing Moot Courts, Debates,
Seminars and Other Legal Competitions for a much better learning experience than What is
Offered to The Law Students. Driven by a sense of Excellence and Talent in the young
Minds, a Variety of mediums are provided to help Students Achieve perfectionism in every
domain of the Legal Field.
The Vision at Path Lexis is based around equality of Opportunity in the field of Law. By
creating a Community of Law Students, all Students are delivered an equal shot at growing
and learning. Every person is a manifestation of their past experiences, upbringing and the
socioeconomic backgrounds and Path Lexis transcends such barriers.


About the Competition
Path Lexis is not just the academic aspect, but a combination of both the practical and the
academic world. We at Path Lexis are bringing to you a Case Note Competition, which
provides the best of both worlds. Supreme Court Judgements for the Competition have shaped the Legal Jurisprudence of Indian Civil Laws as we know it. This Case Note Competition seeks to promote original thought and analysis amongst students, researchers, academicians and Legal practitioners.



  • Online Events

  •  Aforesaid Competition is open to all Law Students, Researchers, Academicians, and Legal Practitioners.

  •  Co-authorship is allowed.


Submission Guidelines

  1.  Words Limits: 750-1000 (excluding Footnotes)

  2.  Format: Doc. Or Docx.

  3.  Font: Times New Roman

  4.  Font Size: 14 for Headings,12 for text and 10 for Footnotes

  5.  Line Spacing: 1.5 for text and 1 for footnotes

  6.  Alignment; Justified

  7.  Margin: One inch each side

  8.  Citation: Bluebook 19 th Edition

  9.  Language: English Only


List of Case for Case Note (Choose Any One)

  1. Labour Law: - Dr. Pooja jignesh Doshi v/s State of Maharashtra and another (Writ Petition no. 1665 of 2015 decided on 3 July 2019.

  2. Hindu Law:- Bhaurao Shankar Lokhade v/s State of Maharashtra (1965 SC)

  3. Administrative Law:- A.k. Kraipak v/s Union of India

  4. Civil Procedure Law:- Swapnil Tripathi v/s Union of State (1951 SC)

  5. Corporate Law:- Salomon v/s Salomon & Co. Ltd. (1896)

  6. Environmental Law :- M.C. Mehta V/s Union of India (Ganga Pollution Case)

  7. Constitutional Law:- Vishaka v/s State of Rajasthan (1997)


Last Date of Registration: 30th November 2020
Last Date of Submission: 5th December 2020

Declaration of Result: 15th December 2020



  1. The work must be original, and on plagiarism count, more than 10% will lead to

  2. disqualification.

  3. The submission shall have the following- facts of the case, reasoning, disposition and critical analysis of the judgment.

  4. The name of the author/s shall be mentioned inside the file, as a footnote.

  5. Only a maximum of 2 authors are allowed.

  6. Submission at –


Awards and Prizes

  •  1 st Position – 1500 INR + Certificate of Excellence +Post of case comments on website + Free Certificate Courses on Cyber Law and Arbitration & Conciliation

  • 2 nd Position – 1000 INR + Certificate of Merit + Post of case comments on website + Free Certificate Courses on Cyber Law and Arbitration & Conciliation

  • 3 rd Position - 500 INR + Certificate of Merit + Post of case comments on website + Free Certificate Courses on Cyber Law and Arbitration & Conciliation

  •  Certificate of Merit to top 10 Participants + 50% of on Certificate Course on

  • Cyber Law and Arbitration & Conciliation

  •  E-Certificate to all

Payment Details and Registration Fee:-
Registration Fees
 Registration fees for Single Author: Rs. 100/-
 Registration fees for Co-Author: Rs. 150/-
 Payment modes available: Paytm/Google Pay/Phone Pay :- 7023627441
 Select Single Author or Co-Author as per the requirement.


Registration Link: -


Contact: - 7688879430, 7023627441

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