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About the Webinar
The webinar will be hosted by Law Tales and CJSC on “Victims to Domestic violence and the
way Forward”. The webinar will be unfolding wide arena of Domestic violence and its victims
with the legal remedies available in each case against different victims and for different abuses.

About Law Tales
Law Tales, the perfect platform to fulfil your academic needs. We are here to assist you in all the
ups and downs of your academic profile. We as a community work to make the process of
grabbing knowledge your piece of cake and to help you overcome all the obstacles.
We, the faction of ardent people are presenting you a platform to bring you the latest updates of
the legal world to widen your awareness for the legal community and to prevent you from falling
back in dialogues over legal concepts and updates.


About CJSC
The C.J.S.C aims to create legal awareness among the common mass, specially people residing
in rural and remote location who are unaware and ignorant of common law. We also intend to
educate and equip them with the tool of legal awareness to become responsible citizens of the
country. C.J.S.C aims to locate cases where certain injustice is being caused to any individual or group of people and take up their matter before the competent authority of the state so as to ensure that
needful is done expeditiously.


About the Speaker


Aastha Chadha is a third-generation lawyer practising in Delhi and has an excellent and in-depth
experience of working in various chambers and law firms. Along with being on the advisory
board of various organisations, she is empanelled with various renowned Companies including
some award-winning Companies. She is extremely skilled at advisory and litigation in various
fields of law such as Civil, IBC, Matrimony, Family, Succession etc.


Day, Date: Sunday, November 22
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Questions: Participants will be on mute and can ask questions via the Q and A box.


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